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Rhythm of Life

The Rhythm of Life initiative is offered to help us keep pace with our callings as disciples of Christ. It’s an encouragement to reflect on different aspects of our ‘loving, living and learning’ and make practical fixed-term commitments, aided by recommended resources.

Here in full is the Invitation leaflet.

This Quick Guide tells you more about Rhythm of Life in brief outline.



Further details are set out on a new Rhythm of Life page on our Digital Learning Platform.




There will also be a 'Get Started' session online on 8 Sept. hosted by Bp Tony.


You can start your personal practical participation with the Practical Commitments card. Click on the image to get the 2 page, printable pdf.



Please do take a closer look and consider joining together with others in this initiative
In the meantime, I’m praying that this initiative will help many in our diocese to experience more fully the ‘rhythms of grace’ we can experience by following Christ.

May God bless you,














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Week 3 Video transcript










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Rhythm of Life - Taking stock

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