Faculty Application

Form 2
(Rule 4.5)
Diocesan Advisory Committee
Notification of Advice

This notification constitutes advice only and does not give you permission to carry out the works or other proposals to which it relates. A faculty must be obtained from the Consistory Court before the works or proposals may lawfully be carried out.

In the diocese of Leeds

Parish of Aldbrough

Church of Aldbrough: St Paul

The church is listed under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

The listing is grade II

At a meeting of the Diocesan Advisory Committee held on 23/07/2019

The following works or other proposals were considered:

Reordering of the west end of the church. Works include the removal of eight westernmost long pews and three short pews; the removal of the font plinth and lowering the font to floor level; restoration of the wainscoting; the introduction of new and replacement carpeting; the installation of a cabinet at the west end with donation box; the introduction of twenty upholstered folding chairs and eight wooden upholstered chairs; the installation of three electric heaters and associated controls; the introduction of noticeboards and display stands; the installation of broadband wifi with associated wiring.

Also for the introduction of a credence table from the closed chapel of St Hilda's, Caldwell.

All in accordance with Pearce Bottomley drawing number 5024-A-0001A; quotation from Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical Ltd dated 2nd November 2018; quotation from Moody Construction dated 27th February 2019.

The Committee recommends the works or proposals for approval by the court

This advice does not constitute authority for carrying out the works or proposals and a faculty is required.

In the opinion of the Committee rule 9.9 of the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules (publication of notice on diocesan website) does not apply.

In the opinion of the Committee the work or part of the work proposed is not likely to affect -

  • the character of the church as a building of special architectural or historic interest
  • the archaeological importance of the church
  • archaeological remains existing within the church or its curtilage

The Committee recommends that the intending applicants consult the bodies or persons as indicated below -

Historic England


the local planning authority


the following national amenity societies:




the Church Buildings Council


the following body or person:




The reason for this recommendation is that in the opinion of the Committee some or all of the works of proposals -

  • involve alteration to or the extension of a listed building to such an extent as would be likely to affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest
    - No
  • are likely to affect the archaeological importance of a church or other building or archaeological remains within the building or its curtilage
    - No
  • involve demolition affecting the exterior of an unlisted church in a conservation area
    - No

Any recommendation of the Committee as to consultation with a body or person indicated above should be followed before submitting a petition for a faculty.

This advice is valid for 24 months from the date given below.


Date: 12/08/2019

Secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee




Faculty Application - Significance and Need

A detailed eplanation of what we wish to do, the need for it and the justification of it.

Plan of works

Churh plan showing where the changes are to be made

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