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     If you have any Safeguarding concerns involving anyone in the Benefice, please click on the poster to see details of who to contact in a larger version.

    The parishes in the Benefice have also adopted this document from the House of Bishops regarding Safeguarding.

    Further information about poliies and practice at Diocesan level can be found here.





    Bishop Nick's Blog

    An important letter regarding No Deal brexit from the 25 Diocesan Bishops of the Church of England. Please see more here.

    Education Sunday, Sunday 8 September 2019

    For well over a hundred years there has been an annual recognition of Education Sunday in England and Wales. It is a national day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world of education. Since 2016 it has been celebrated on the second Sunday in September, coinciding with the start of the school year. In our Benefice we will be celebrating Education Sunday at our Communion Service at St Paul’s, Aldbrough, at 10.45am. Ruth Abbey, Churchwarden of Melsonby, retired Head-teacher and member of the Friends of Melsonby School, will be giving the address.

    Pet Services 15 September

    We have Pet Services at Forcett (on Eppleby village green) and at Melsonby (in the church or possibly churchyard)on Sunday 15 September.

    Times on the poster. Please bring any of your pets that you like to receive a blessing - or just watch the proceedings.

    Family Harvest Festival - Sunday 29nSeptember

    St John’s Church, Stanwick at 10.45am

    Michael Priestly, Farmers Weekly Journalist, will be giving the address.

    Re-ordering Work at St Paul's, Aldbrough

    The information about the reordering work proposedfor St Paul's is now the subject of public consultation. If you wish to see the details, please see these pages.

    Graham Smith's Flush Fund 500

    Graham Smith is cycling from Melsonby to Thurso in the north of Scotland and is looking for sponsorship to raise funds for the Flush Fund. Full details here.


    Teddy Church

    See details of the Teddy Church in Melsonby


    New Prayer Circle

    The churches of Stanwick Benefice have set up a prayer circle. If you have anything at all that you would appreciate prayer for, the group would be delighted to support you in this way.  All requests are in the strictest confidence and will remain within the group. No prayer request is too small (or large!).  If you would like to request prayer support or join the circle, please contact us by email at stanwickprayers@gmail.com.

    Foodbank Donations

    We are now supporting the Richmond Storehouse Foodbank with donations. See this page about the foodbank. When you come to church, please consider bringing a tin, jar or packet of something suitable for the foodbank collection. 

    Bell-ringing in the benefice

    There is now a band in Melsonby. If you have rung or are interested in learning, see here

    A group has now started ringing under the tutelage of Rob Kirby. They meet on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 8.30pm. New ringers, either experienced or learners, are welcome.



    Thanks, Celebration, Commemoration

    Take a look at our Thanks, Celebration and Commemoration pages. If you would like to give thanks, or celebrate or commemorate a person or event, we can add a short message there.

    Diocesan Newsletter

    The digital copy of each month's Diocesan Newsletter is here  August 2019  September 2019

    Back copies can be found on the Diocesan site here.



  • Stanwick Group of Churches Benefice Website

    Aldbrough St John, Forcett and Melsonby

    This site is primarily an additional information source for the people of the three parishes of Aldbrough St John, Forcett and Melsonby, but we hope that if you are from outside the area you will get a flavour of an area that is pleasant to live in. 

    You'll find out why it's called the Stanwick Group of Churches on our Welcome page.

    We hope you'll find the information you are looking for on who we are and what we do as a benefice. If you feel that anything is missing, please contact the webmaster

    If you want to ask about a wedding, please do not use the 'webmaster' link. Go to Contact Information where there is a specific email link direct to the vicar.

    If you are a member of one of our parishes and want to be involved in our activities at any level, under GDPR we now need your signed consent to be allowed to contact you specifically. To give this please see the appropriate parish section in the Benefice Administration menu above and download the form.

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    Our Polls

    The poll in the column below right is for fun rather than a serious enquiry so please feel free to take part. It only records the number of people who have voted. There will be no catastrophic events as a result of it. We know of one former benefice resident who regularly participates, not necessarily with his actual opinions but does like to stir a bit!

    Events outside our Benefice

    The Diocesan Office and our Cathedral at Ripon plus other parishes and benefices in the area often send us details of events of interest. We now have a section specifically for Lay Training sessions, usually organised by the Diocese but occasionally by other bodies. For those events which are for interest or enjoyment, please look in the section From the Diocese and Wider Church where we have another folder with details of events.

    In most cases the information we publish is a copy of their poster which is linked to the appropriate website with fuller information.


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