Stanwick Group of Churches

Burials in the parish of Aldbrough with Stanwick St John


The churchyard at Stanwick St John is very ancient and has been used for burials for several centuries. It is now assessed that only a relatively small number of potential grave spaces remains consequently the PCC has adopted a policy that it will henceforth only release grave spaces for those resident in the parish (who have that legal entitlement) or to those who can demonstrate a previous close connection with the church in the parish, e.g. former worshippers who have had to move elsewhere for their care in their final years. This applies either for immediate burial or for those wishing to reserve a space for future use,

The PCC, regretfully, will have to refuse spaces to those who simply lived in Aldbrough, Stanwick or Carlton some years ago but had no connection with the church during their time here.

Cremated remains may be buried either in Stanwick churchyard or in Aldbrough churchyard.

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