Stanwick Group of Churches

September 2020

This month’s letter is from one of our Churchwardens

Dear Gentlefolk,


I was struck by the thought that the authorities were going to check people coming into the country in case they were spies. I thought will this be a multi choice questionnaire?:

Are you a spy? Chose one from the below:

o Yes

o No

o I’m not telling.

Keeping secrets is part of life, there are good reasons, bad reasons and sometimes no reason at all. A bit like “white lies”, we get confused as to whether they are for the benefit of the recipient or for ourselves.

I’ve found the great relief of confessing so great as to be moved to tears at times, and I am not alone I suspect. The telling means that the fear of being found out is gone and also the fear of what I will be thought of, and the fear of not being loved and cared for is gone too. A sense of proportion comes back, and I can move forward making amends.

The one person who knows all our secrets already is of course God, who knows what we have done, have not done or failed to do through negligence. Even if we are reluctant to tell anyone else or more importantly acknowledge to ourselves, the most important one knows, still loves us and cares for us. He will not stone us, but will gently tell us to sin no more. As Bishop John Pritchard said at the Zoom service from St Mary's Church, Richmond, we can have a chance to bring a little more of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

As for being a spy, I’m not telling. Keep safe.

Yours anonymously,

Ianovich Waltsky
(Ianovich Waltski)


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