Stanwick Group of Churches

October 2021

“What on earth is going on ? We have struggled through Covid 19 in a shambolic sort of way and as we slowly emerge we are greeted by chaos - no fuel at the petrol filling stations, restaurants not opening because there are no chefs or waiters, the fear of spiralling wages which will cause inflation - the horror scenario for those on fixed incomes such as pensioners who make up a great proportion of churchgoers. It is all a gloomy scenario not helped by the onset of dreary winter weather and dark nights. Is there anything we can do to cheer ourselves up ?

Like so much in life there is “something“ which seems totally contrary to what one would imagine. That “something” is to give as generously as your finances allow. On Sunday at Forcett Church we enjoyed an excellent sermon from a lay member, Dr Ian. It was short, clear and well delivered. He made the excellent point that giving actually makes YOU (never mind the recipient) feel healthier and happier.

This brief factual sermon was followed by the irrepressible Janet giving a presentation on the Parish Giving Scheme. It is easy to do and a small monthly (or quarterly, annually ... ) gift of a few quid would enormously help the Parish and just as importantly make you feel good. The more generously you give the better you will feel. Go on give it a whirl and speak to Janet Hall (Telephone: 01325 374 112 ) who will arrange everything for you.

Do not be coy or shy - get going and ring Janet NOW. Thank you.


Jamie WG Cameron
Chapel Warden East Layton


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