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Pastoral Training Courses

Pastoral Conversations

This level 1, introductory, online course offers an opportunity to receive some training and support from the comfort of your own home around how to best ensure that your conversation nurtures and empowers people to cope with the difficulties they face.

The content covers an introduction to pastoral care and effective listening and it has been designed to nurture skill and confidence in those involved in caring for others. Different types of conversations are explored and the six steps of an effective pastoral conversation are discussed. Issues such as closed and open questions, empathy, affirmation and praying with people, are included.

Level 1 – Pastoral Conversations (single session 2hrs) – Monday

March 22nd 1.30-3.30pm:

Also available as a Self-paced Course that you can access at a time convenient to yourself.

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Pastoral Assistant

This level 2, Pastoral Assistant Training consists of ten 2 hour sessions and expands on the level 1 Pastoral Conversations course. It is for those living in the Diocese of Leeds who:

  • wish to go deeper into pastoral conversation
  • wish to understand grief and loss
  • wish to have the tools to handle sensitive topics
  • wish to understand human and spiritual development
  • wish to gain a basic understanding of dementia and mental health.

Pastoral Assistant training (10 sessions x 2hrs) begins on

Wednesday 21st April, 7-9pm:


Mission in a Rural Context

This new Lay Training course is intended to stimulate discussion around Rural church Mission grounded in context.

It is intended for anyone who has a particular interest in Rural Ministry whether they are an individual with a heart for Rural church Mission, a member of a church council or a mission or ministry team.

Mission in a Rural Context includes a session contributed by Bishop Helen-Ann. Itis currently self-paced online but may be run as a face to face course when conditions allow.

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