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    This is the website for the Stanwick Group of Churches

    This site has been created mainly as an additional information source for the people of the three parishes of Aldbrough St John, Forcett and Melsonby, but we hope that if you are from outside the area you will get a flavour of an area that is pleasant to live in.

    We hope we have included the information you are looking for on who we are and what we do as a benefice. If you feel there are any additional pages that would be useful please contact the webmaster

    Churches in our Benefice

    Click on the picture to link to the page about that church

    St Paul's,
    Aldbrough St John
    Parish church
    St James the Great, Melsonby
    Parish Church
    St Cuthbert's,
    Parish Church
    St John the Baptist,
    Stanwick St John
    Former parish church now redundant and vested in the Churches Conservation Trust
    Christ Church,
    East Layton
    Private chapel used for public worship
    St Hilda's,
    Licensed building
    (Chapel of ease)
    (Now permanently closed)


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    Our Polls

    The poll in the column to the right is intended as fun rather than a serious enquiry so do feel free to take part as it does not record anything other than the number of people who have voted. There will be no catastrophic events as a result of it. We know of one former benefice resident who regularly participates and does not necessarily respond with his actual opinions but does like to stir a bit.

    Stephen Harwood

    Stephen Harwood, Treasurer of Melsonby PCC, sadly lost his long battle with cancer on 12 November and his funeral was held on 23 November. the condolences and good wishes of the benefice go to Joan and family.

    If you were unable to attend but would wish to make a gift in his memory, perhaps you could consider the St James Building Project (commonly known as the Flush Fund)  Donations can be made from the links below of see the page in the Benefice News section.

    Vicar's Surgery

    The Vicar will be holding a monthly surgery in St Paul's, Aldbrough St John for those wishing to discuss baptisms or marriage, or other spiritual matters. We will endeavour to publish details in good time every month.

    Bell-ringing in the benefice

    There is some interest in Melsonby for starting a new bell-ringing band. If you have rung or are interested inlearning, see here

    800 Years without a loo!

    This new section will have all the latest news about the St James Building Project

    The video is still available. See details.

    You can also now make a donation via JustGiving Click on the 'G' symbol to go to their page.

    The faculty application has now been made so fund raising becomes even more important,

    Melsonby Burial Records

    See the Melsonby News or Parish Registers sections for information on the Melsonby Burials Records.

    Thanks, Celebration, Commemoration

    Take a look at our Thanks, Celebration and Commemoration pages. If you would like to give thanks, or celebrate or commemorate a person or event, we can add a short message there.


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