Stanwick Group of Churches

Church Services at this time

Due to the Covid 19 risk, Services until 21 March will remain on Zoom

9.00 Holy Communion from the Rectory on Zoom

Sunday 7 March 2021, 9.00am

The order of service can be viewed on screen (single sheets) or downloaded and printed. (Booklet style)

Here are the hymns for this service.

Here are the readings for this service

All these documents will open in a new page from which they can be followed during the service by clicking on the tab at the top of the screen, or downloaded and printed in advance.

If you have a laptop and a tablet or smart-phone it is best to join the Zoom service on the laptop (or desktop) and use the smaller device for the documents.

Mothering Sunday, 14 March

It is not possible this year to hold a service with large numbers of people, especiallly children and keep them safe from Covid 19, consequently we are not holding a Mothering Sunday service during which flowers for mothers are given. HOWEVER, the flowers will still be available. We are giving them out at Stanwick, outside if fine, inside the church if wet or cold. please come and collect a gift for Mum - and that includes Grandmothers, aunties both real and honorary who have been like Mums, and ladies who have no one to give them a Mothering Sunday gift but would love to have one.

Lent study information

Nightly Deanery Compline

Using Zoom

If you have not yet joined this service using Zoom, you can either join the invitations list by contacting Rev. Camilla to let her know you want to join. (You will need to give her your email addess in this email) or you can log in using  the meeting ID 444-186-6493 and password 2406. Open up this Zoom website and put in these details. If it doesn't say 'Join a Meeting' prominently in the centre of the screen, check the menus at the top for 'Join a Meeting'


If you are concerned that you have not been giving to the church via the collection plate at Zoom services, and would like to make a regular contribution to your own church (or churches), please consider joining the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS}. See below the service details or here for more information.

We are currently having problems with our recently set-up online giving page. If you would like to make a donation by internet bank transfer, please go to our Giving to the Parishes and Benefice page.

Stanwick Group of Churches Charities Fund

Normally when there are 5 Sundays in a month the entire collection at the single Benefice Eucharist that month is given to the Charities Fund. In addition there ar usually a couple of fund raising events including the annual coffee morning. With the pandemic most of these have not taken place this year and so the Charities Fund is significantly down on its usual income to the point where it is unable to hold a meeting to discuss a distribution of its funds this year.

If you would like to help, please see details here. Please scroll down towards the bottom of that page for details of the Charitties fund.


Regular Live Holy Communion Services, 10.30am (Returning 21 March to Melsonby)

A service of Holy Communion will be held in the church shown st the top of this page, at 10.30am.

A Holy Communion sheet for use at Forcett and Aldbrough during these difficult times is here.
You can:
Download it onto a device and follow the service from it in church, (NB There are no wi-fi links in our churches yet) or

Print off a copy and bring it with you then take it home afterwards, or
Use a laminated copy from church and either keep it for your exclusive use or leave it to be sanitised

Here is the Melsonby Family Communion Order of Service which uses a slightly different form.

You must wear a face covering whilst in church unless you are asked to read or say prayers on behalf of the congregation.

Only the bread will be distributed to the congregation and although singing by a choir is now permitted, congregational hymn singing is still forbidden.

Private Prayer in church

Aldbrough is open twice weekly for private prayer. See details

Stanwick St John is also open for private prayer. Please note that there is no hand sanitiser or other special precautions in place here but it is well ventilated.

Daily Zoom Deanery Compline

Every evening at 9.00pm. See full details. Just click on the Zoom link and put in the ID and password.

Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)

The Church of England values the vital financial contributions its congregations make to its work but recognises that the way people deal with money - especially cash -  is changing.

If you have been wondering what to do about your usual gifts to your church given during the collection, please have a look at the Church of England's now preferred method of regular giving, the Parish Giving Scheme. The use of online and contactless payments is also being encouraged ffor occasional donations.

We have also put a more locally focussed page about it here on our website. It has the church details that you will need when you register with PGS.

Thank you for your support.

For younger members of the family this week:

Download the activity sheet here or click the illustration






And a colouring sheet to download here







Roots at home (2 pages)






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