Stanwick Group of Churches

Covid-19 Crisis

Worship in the Benefice during the coronavirus outbreak

Our churches are now completely locked and not even the clergy are allowed in for private prayer so Revd Camilla will be saying the prayers for us all at home.

You can join services from the Rectory using Zoom. Details of services coming up, including hymns and readings are linked near the bottom of this page.

Should you wish to join her in spirit from your home, there is a slightly different liturgy for each day of the week and for the different times of year. They can be found here on the Church of England website.

In addition she has recorded a short night prayer (5 mins) which is on our Facebook page,

Rev. Camilla's Prayer Schedule (left) can be downloaded here. These pdf files can be printed off at home and/or downloaded onto your computer or tablet. If you are unsure how to do this contact the webmaster who will try to help.

Here is Revd Camilla's suggested setting of Morning and Evening Prayer for use at home during the Coronavirus outbreak. If you would like a copy in printed booklet format please contact the webmaster with your name and address. This information will not be retained.

This Spiritual Communion may also be helpful for those who miss being able to attend the Holy Communion service.

You are welcome to download and print any of these but if that is difficult please ask the webmaster for a copy.

Don't forget to look at our Facebook page and Twitter feed. The information on these is more immediate and short term and also gives you an opportunity to comment on what is there.

Also the longest running BBC outside broadcast programme and still remarkably popular is Choral Evensong. The broadcast is on BBC Radio 3 on Wednesday afternoons at 3.30pm and repeated on Sunday afternoon at 3.00pm. At this time archive recordings are being broadcast.

If you would like to join Rev Camilla's services using Zoom video conferencing, her Zoom services ID is 444-186-6493 and the password is 2406. Go to thiis Zoom page and put them in to join the meeting. If you prefer, then please email her and she will invite you to join shortly before a service starts.You will need to include your own email address in the body of the email if you use this link to contact her as you are contacting her from this website, not your email address.

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