The Stanwick Group of Churches choir

The Stanwick Group of Churches considers itself fortunate in that it has managed to retain its choir even though it cannot easily function as such due to its lack of a musical director and anyone to sing the tenor line. It is also not possible to have an organist at all services at which the choir is scheduled to sing. 

However, the remaining members hope that such shortages will be only temporary - however long that means - and one day there will be both a dedicated organist for the benefice and a musical director who can help them achireve their ambitions of singing anthems, canticles, psalms etc.

In 2009 a generous choir member provided the whole choir with new, made-to-measure robes along with 2 spare robes for and 'average' size lady and an 'average' size gentleman. This picture was taken shortly after the new robes had arrived so, unfortunately it does not show the current choir membership.

If you could help the choir either as a singer or as an instrumentalist (It doesn't have to be an organ all the time) then please either come to a choir practise, usually Friday about 3.45pm at the church where the following Sunday's main service will be held, or if that is not convenient, email us as we're open to looking at other times for practices.

Wedding Choir

A choir made up of experienced singers from several local choirs is available to sing at weddings under the name Cantores ad Nuptias (Singers at weddings) Contact the webmaster for details.


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