St James' Building Project Official Launch

On 10 December people from across the benefice including many Melsonby residents met in St James' for the formal launch of the St James' Building Project. Also there were James Bell, Bishop of Ripon and County Councillor Michael Heseltine both of whom are taking a keen interest in this project.

The evening began with a video presentation showing a number of other schemes already carried out both in fairly nearby churches and in other parts of the country. Gone are the days when any such plans  would be greeted with hands thrown up in horror and the exclamation "But it's a Listed Builing. You can't do anything to it!" It is now accepted that unless old buildings are fitted with the facilities we expect in the 21st century then they will be left to disintegrate into ruin.

Once the video was over the floor was handed to David Beaumont,  Architect and Partner in Beaumont Brown who has been selected for his sensitive approach to installing such a facility in such a historic building. He explained what was to be done and how, using the first non-detailed plans on display boards and a model that he had made, in best Blue Peter fashion.

Following David Beaumont, the audience was asked both to make comment and ask questions and subjects such as expected cost, reordering the rest of the church, the fate of the pews, heating and lighting systems were raised. Fund-raising is obviously now going to be a major item and any offers of financial assistance or fund-raising suggestions will be welcomed by the Project Team.

There are more photographs from the presentation in the Photos section of the site.



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