Funding the Project

The PCC at Melsonby has been given until the end of the year to start work on its building project otherwise the faculty (church equivalent of planning permission) may lapse. They currently have about one third of the cost and hope for (though can't assume) good news from several grant awarding institutions in the coming weeks.

One major funding charity has agreed to make a significant grant once they have raised at least half of the total sum needed. The sum needed to reach that 'half' is currently £21,000 which sounds a lot but is not a huge amout in terms of the total project cost and much of it could be covered if most of the grant applications are successful.

If you think you could help them reach this total more quickly, please either use their JustGiving page or contact Sheila Grundy who is Treasurer for the building project.

Grants received so far

The fund has been delighted to receive support from the following Charitable Trusts and Foundations:

  • Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation £10,000
  • Headley Trust £3500
  • Rank Foundation £2500
  • AllChurches Trust £1650
  • Gloag Foundation £1000
  • John Booth Foundation £250


St James' Building Project
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