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Lent Course

On the Third Day

The resurrection is the Big Story that turned a little Jewish protest movement into a world-transforming religion. And yet by Easter Monday we’ve almost forgotten about it and are planning our summer holidays. How can we re-capture the explosive power of the resurrection that ricocheted around the world? How can we live in the glow of resurrection and be an Easter people? How can ‘there and then’ become ‘here and now’?

This Lent many churches in and around Richmond will be following this new and stimulating York Course written by Bishop John Pritchard.

Bishop John will himself be launching the course at 7.00pm on Thursday 8 February at St Mary’s, Richmond. Everyone welcome!

Here in the Stanwick Benefice we will follow the launch with five relaxed and friendly discussions over a cup of tea at the home of Doreen and Bill Liston, 1 St John’s Park, Aldbrough St John.

Here are the dates. Come to all, or as many as you can make:


19 Feb            All at 7.30pm
26 Feb
5 March
12 March
19 March.