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Church to be locked again

Following several months when St James' was left unlocked during the day, bad behaviour by a small group of local youngsters has meant that the church needs to go back to being kept locked.

Along with rubish being scattered, it was found that a Churchwarden's wand (the official staff of office) had been damaged and it is suspected the wands were used as 'weapons' in a mock fight. The damage has now been repaired but at the cost of local people being denied easy access to library booksand jigsaws. Also visitors to the village who may have wanted to visit the church will have been put off as, although a contact number for access is given, few will call it if they find access is denied.

Knowing that the open church policy was valued by many other people, the wardens will keep a watching brief on the situation to see if it may be possible to reopen in the future.


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